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Brews on Tap

UPDATED: October 18, 2023
  1. Tropical Piney (American Pale Ale conditioned with Fresh Pineapple) 6.4%

  2. Moonwalker (Blood Orange Cream Ale) 4.8%

  3. Dr. Pumpkinstein (Golden Pumpkin Spice Sour Ale) 5.8%

  4. Sidepiece Pils (A Refreshing Pilsner) 4.8%

  5. Stalk N' Hops (Cream Ale) 6.3%
    (A lightly hopped cream ale (no lactose) brewed with Stella’s fresh corn.)

  6. Gravity Storm (Double IPA) 9.45%
  7. Hop Locker Haze (West Coast meets East Coast Hazy IPA) 6.5%

  8. Garden Grove Porter 6%
    (A robust porter with notes of dark chocolate and coffee)

  9. Buddha Berry (Strawberry Lemonade Seltzer) 4.5%

  10. Galway Girl (Irish Red Ale) 5.9%

Make sure you stop in the taproom to sample our small batch taproom-only specials!

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Mugshot Pilsner

Introducing Mugshot Pilsner, a refreshing American Pilsner with a smooth, crisp taste. It's perfectly balanced with light, floral hops and subtle hints of refreshing citrus and sweet nectar fruits. Mugshot is the perfect thirst quencher for hot and humid summer days, making it an ideal choice for the sunny summer season.

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