Starting Lineup

May 29, 2020

 Bulldog English Mild (4.8%) 

​Pig Roast Smoked Porter (5.4%) 

Farmhouse Rye Saison (6.7%) 

Double Dry Hopped Reverence IPA (7%)

Gnomenclature NEIPA (6.8%)

Game Day Cream Ale (5.25%)

Down Goes Drago - Barrel Aged RIS (13.5%)




Every Friday we tap a small batch surprise at 5pm.

Follow our Social Media Accounts to learn

what gets tapped next!!!

On Deck

Can I Get a Wit-ness

Long-a-Coming English IPA

Scents and Subtle Sours



and more...stay tuned!!

Hours of Operation

Thursday - Friday   5pm - 9pm

Saturday  12pm - 9pm

Sunday  12pm-5pm

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