One Goal. Delicious Beer. 

Way back in good ol' 2008, Tony took some ingenuity and his love of fine beer to his own stove top.  What happened was nothing short of miraculous.  Delicious, hand-crafted beer sprung from his imagination into reality.  A passion for knowledge has lead him to research everything he has been able to get his hands on from various techniques to exotic ingredients.  Over the years, he has grown into the seasoned brewer he is today.  However, one evening, his dream of bringing his succulent concoctions to market turned into a reality when he suggested to his friend Joe that he wanted to open a brewery.  The seed that would blossom into the Berlin Brewing Company was planted and the friends jumped into action.  Their common interests in baseball and hand crafted beers have and will continue to influence the operations in the brewery and in the Pastime Tap Room.